University Physics II


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Lab Make-up: Thursday 6-9pm in 8-3125.   They will be starting week 2 and go through week 14

Exam information
Final Exam is in room 08-A300
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Exam formula sheet:  Final Formula Sheet (things not to do on the formula sheet)
Office hours for exam week: Monday 11;30-3pm Tuesday 11:30-12:30, 1-3pm(08-3335)
Physics Review sessions (exam week room 08-3335): 
Sunday 12-2       Davis
Monday 10-12  McGowan
Monday 12-2     Driscoll
Monday 4-6        Viv
Rifet's review session located in Gosnell room 1174 at 5pm Monday
Tuesday 10-12   Shore
Tuesday 1-3       Urminsky
1A   Review syllabus.  Introduction to charges – conductors –  insulators and electric field. (Lecture 1A)
1B  Continue with electric fields.  Coulombs Law problems and Week 1 Quiz (Lecture 1B)
1C Continue with Coulombs Law problems.  Electric dipole on and off axis. (Lecture 1C)
2A Torque on an electric dipole and electric fields due to continuous charge distributions – charge on a finite rod and charge on an infinite rod (Lecture2A)
2B Continue with electric field calculations for continuous charge distributions (charge on an arc, bisector and non-uniform distributions) and Week 2 Quiz. (Lecture2B)
2C Non-uniform charge distributions, field due to a ring of charge, charged infinite plane. (Lecture2C)
3A Electric flux, Gauss's law (Lecture3A)
3B Continue with electric flux and Gauss's law, Week 3 Quiz (Lecture3B)
3C Electric flux for plainer and cylindrical symmetries. (Lecture3C)
4A Gauss's law for conductors, (Lecture4A)
4B Finish Gauss's law and start electric potential. Week 4 Quiz (Lecture4B)
4C Mapping Equipotential surfaces and electric field lines. pages 77-78
5A Finding electric potential from electric field (Lecture5A)
5B continue with electric potential Week 5 Quiz (Lecture5B)
5C Work done assembling charge, relationship between electric field and potential, start capacitors.(Lecture5C)
6A Dielectrics and build a capacitor lab (Lecture6a)
6B Capacitors in series and parallel, spherical capacitors and cylindrical capacitors (Lecture6b)
6C Current and resistivity (Lecture6C)
7A Resistivity, resistance, resistors in parallel and series, Kirchhoff's law  (Lecture7A)
7B Ohmic and Non-Ohmic devices Lab
7C Kirchhoff's Law problems and RC Circuits week 7 quiz
8A continue with RC circuits (Lecture8A)
8B RC circuit Lab
8C Magnetic fields  (Lecture8C)Week 8 Quiz
9A Circular motion, Hall Effect, Force on a current carrying wire (Lecture9A)
9B Torque, magnetic dipole, Biot-Savart law Week 9 Quiz (Lecture9B)
9C More Biot-Savart Law problems (Lecture9C)
10A Continue Bio-Savart, loop and wire, circular loop off axis (Lecture10A)
10B Ampere's Law Week 10 Quiz (Lecture10B)
10C Ampere's Law (current ribbon, solenoid, toroid), start EMF (Lecture10C)
11A Continue with EMF, Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law (Lecture11A)
11B Continue with Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law problems Week 11 Quiz (Lecture11B)
11C Continue with Faraday's Law and motional EMF (Lecture11C)
12A Start Inductance and the RL circuit (Lecture12A)
12B LC circuit Week 12 Quiz (Lecture12B)
12C Lenz's Law review (solutions), Maxwell's Equations, speed of light, light travels as a wave (Lecture12C)
13A Optics, Snell's Law (lecture13A)
13B Lenses Week 13 Quiz (lecture13B)
13C Continue with lenses, start interference and thin films (lecture13C)
14A Thin Lenses lab
14B Interference Week 14 Quiz Interference1 Interference2
14C Double and single slit interference and diffraction  (Interference3)
15A diffraction gratings optics part 6
15B polarization, double and single slit lab Week 15 Quiz optics part 7